When it comes to babies, there are many do’s and don’ts that parents have to follow. It is mind-boggling and once you have crammed them all, no trace can be seen the next moment. This is why we have come up with Top 30 Baby Proofing Tips that would help you in going orderly and not haphazardly

We have put some of the most versatile tips that go for all age babies. You can just copy them paste on your fridge door, and voila! You have your baby guide that each member can memorize easily.

Cutting to the chase, let us start with the tips marathon.

·       First aid kit:

This is one of the major concerns and can have extreme outcomes. Firstly, you may make sure that all your medicines are present in the first aid kit box. Gone are the days, when you would just place your medicine anywhere. Now it is the time to get the order back and use first aid box’s multiple sections.

Everything of this kit, like cotton, scissor or even the pins should be inside the box. You may need it if, God forbid, your baby hits anything or worse than this, such things aren’t supposed to be played with.

·       Carbon monoxide detector:

This is the most ignored aspect but we have placed it among the top two ones. The reason is that many times we just place something on the stove and forget. It’s not about the burnt food but the extra emission of carbon monoxide.

There has been a whole history of such incidents where parents mistakenly left the gas open.

This had horrendous consequences that will freak you out if you happen to search about it. The carbon monoxide detectors don’t cost that much, but in the long run, you’ll be thankful for this tip.

·       Slippery floor:

We, being grownups, often slip on the shiny and slippery floors. This is expected from the babies too. If your little one has just started crawling, this is the time you make this huge change. You can cover the floor with any plastic sheet or chic rugs.

You may opt for the whole house carpeting that would reduce the slipping accidents to zero. The plus point is you won’t have to mope the floor regularly, a strong vacuuming session would suffice. Your home will look more clean and systematized. The baby won’t be hurt even if he tries to stand but falls.

·       No more heating tools:

It is the high time you stop lying your heating tools like a straightener or a curling iron everywhere, especially when you have just used them.

It has many side effects, one of which is your baby may lick them. Now you can imagine how many products are applied to the hair before you go for the heating session.

All these products get stuck on the tools when you use them. Licking them would be like ingesting the whole debris and an invitation to many stomach disorders. You can see we are starting with the most basic mistakes.

The simplest tip is just to get a small shelf and attach it to the wall at a good height.

This would keep all such things out of your baby’s approach. Don’t forget to wipe clean with alcohol and cover your straightener or curling iron with the protectant after every use.

·       Cleaning products:

This goes for the clean freak moms that just adore the trending chemical cleaning products. We know it is the best feeling to see your reflection on the shelf after you have cleaned it, as it gives TV vibes. But now we have to be realistic.

All these chemical cleaning products have got such intensified additives that don’t go away even with the water wash.

Your crawling baby would take the same hands in the mouth and that leads us to what we fear the most. This is the reason we recommend you to use natural cleaning products that don’t have any such outcome. All you need is

  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda

Just mix them and neutralize the mixture with water. You can use it daily to wipe clean your shelf and tables.

·       China crockery:

China crockery has the highest place in everyone’s home as they look delicate and best to serve the guests as well. But they aren’t baby-friendly and are prone to cause injuries if your baby breaks it.

In our top 30 baby proofing tips, this comes in the top 10 because of their capability of attracting the naïve minds.

When you are just setting the table, your baby would try the best to get the hold of at least one plate. Eventually, he’ll drop it on the floor and rest is predictable. This may result in any injury or wounds, and you’ll have one less plate in your favorite crockery set.

Why not just place it to the topmost shelf until the little chaos is done with the struggling fascination?

·       Plastic bags:

Plastic bags are never good no matter which age we are talking about. They have harmful effects and can be a cause of choking in babies. Though the premium step is to not allow such shopping bags in the home, yet you just can’t control it. That’s why the tip is to make sure you just throw away these bags the moment they enter your house.

You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. That’s the only way!

·       Messy wires:

Wires are the ultimate enemy of your baby and yet he just can’t stop obsessing over them. God knows what do they like that they immediately put any wire in their mouth the moment they witness one.

However, the control is in your hands. In the very first moment, ban your baby’s entry to the PC room that will always have wires no matter how hard you try.

The baby tape can be your savior too. Just cover these wires with the baby tape that has harmless composition. So in this way, your baby will be safe and sound in the wire jungle.

·       Electrical outlets:

We are covering the most essential tips in our top 30 baby proofing tips and it’s impossible to miss out on electrical outlets. Even science has been unable to find the secret attraction that switchboards have towards babies.

One moment he’s here, and the next moment sitting close to the wall, exploring the electrical outlets. This the cause that our tip is going to benefit you in all the ways. All you have to do is just to purchase some baby-safe outlets.

Trust us, these outlets can make your life easier than ever. They have got this spring that pushes back anything your baby inserts in the plug. When you have to use the switch, just plug in your cable and slide it back. It’s that easy.

·       Fire extinguishers:

Normally, we don’t pay that much attention to such stuff but fire extinguishers can be your hero at the moment. Yes, it is important to fireproof your home but what is more important is that you are ready for the worst. Every parent can benefit from the basic knowledge of fire extinguishers.

You may face such situations when you suddenly turn the knob of your gas stove. There are many tutorials available on YouTube that can make you master it in no time.

·       Landline:

Landlines are a godsend and we recommend each one of you reading this to follow at least this one. Landlines work without power hence you need not fear the power cuts. Smartphones have their limitations and when their battery is dead, it’s the landline you can count on.

With a baby at home, one is always ready for everything. In such crucial moments, a landline seals the deal of protection. Moreover, you can list all the emergency numbers and place it close to your landline. During any crisis, you won’t have to run here and there as you’ll be ready on the go.

·       Address plate:

It is the era where tons of methods are used to come up with the trendiest address plates. The tip is not to go overboard with these things and get your hands on a decent but easy to read address plate.

In case your surroundings catch fire, the firefighters would be able to read your name easily. It is a win-win situation, as mostly we overlook this minor aspect that can turn out to be the key one. Address plates are there for a reason. They not only depict your identity but your existence too.

·       Water heater:

You need water heaters when you live in colder regions, you just can’t escape them. They bring with themselves a wave of ease, warmth, and comfort. But there is a dark side too. Water heaters require a great deal of attention and continuous alertness.

On one hand, their over-usage increases the water temperature to a dangerous level where it can burn your skin. While, on the other side, if not controlled, the water heaters would even explode.

This explosion has taken away a multitude of lives in the worst way you can think of. All we are saying is, the water heater is mandatory but so is your alert mind.

·       Paint peelings:

Let’s be honest, we all have those specific corners in our home with the paint peeling continuously. We leave them unattended, and it is fine because applying new paint layers would be just useless. They need a full treatment session but this could cost you a fortune.

However, the easiest way is to remove all the peelings at once. This would temporarily create a mess but that can be cleaned later on. When all the peelings are removed, your child won’t be able to eat it.

Such paints have lead in them that can cause worms and abdominal pain in your babies.

·       Furniture edges:

Do we need to explain this one? Pointy edges of furniture and your baby have got this strong bond that is undiscoverable. Just for one moment leave your kid unattended and they would reach their favorite “dangerous” spot.

To cope with this, there are many tiny gadgets present in the market. Some are molded plastic ones that obtain the shape you require instantly. They are so cheap you can buy dozens of them at once.

They don’t affect your furniture’s vibes but can save your baby from many hazardous incidents.

·       Drawers and cabinets:

We understand that it’s a very hectic thing but you have to do something about your drawers and cabinets as well. Now you can’t move them like the tips we gave you above so there’s another way.

The baby-safe latches are available out there. Just get some and using screws, fit them wherever you like. Babies can’t solve the chemistry behind the latches so your stuff inside the cabinets is safe.

It does work, especially for the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, you can use them on your fridge door too, that would turn out just fine.

·       Non-slippery rugs:

Imagine your baby has just started walking and the first thing he experiences is a slippery rug. Behind the first cause of baby’s hesitance towards standing up straight, lies your slippery rug. It directly targets the in-born confidence and your baby prefers to crawl.

To avoid this, there are non-slip pads that cost pennies but are an essential baby proof tool. Just place them under your rugs and that is all, rest you can leave to them. Non-slippery rugs last a good time till you don’t need them anymore.

·       Switchboards:

We are here to make things simpler for you. Suppose you have this switchboard that your baby loves to touch. You have tried everything but all in vain, even the tape doesn’t work.

Then, just choose one small center table or a heavy vase and place it right in front of the switchboard. Your baby won’t be able to move it and your mission is accomplished.

·       Backyard maintenance:

It must have been ages since you last checked your backyard. During this period of indifference, our backyard can grow many different kinds of plants. When they are harmless some are poisonous or attract dangerous insects.

It is the reason we advise you to hire a professional gardener and remove any such plant. Instead, you can also go with some beautiful plants like rose, sunflower, etc. Always remember home backyard is the place where most of us spent our childhood. So your baby too should have this experience.

It may arise in him an inclination towards gardening.

·       Baby’s room decoration:

Baby’s room decoration has become Instagram’s top searched topics. Moreover, it has become a status symbol. But despite all this, we can also think of it as a beautiful addition to our house.

The biggest mistake that we make is we shift the baby to the new room exactly the day it is painted. All that exciting wall painting can have adverse effects too. That is why the tip is to give at least 8 weeks to the painting to get dry. In this way, your baby won’t be exposed to the chemical fumes released by the paint.

And also make sure during this period, the door and windows of the room are always open.

·       Baby supplies:

Baby supplies are necessary for the upkeep of your baby. But whenever you are using them, your baby can’t stop fighting to get the bottle. It has been often noted that once babies become addicted to eating baby talcum powder, there’s no going back.

Talcum powder isn’t suitable even for the adults, now you can imagine its outcomes on babies. For this cause, you may place the supplies where you can reach them easily but your babies can’t. This isn’t only for Talcum powder, but every baby stuff like lotion, shampoo, etc.

During bathing your baby, mind it that he doesn’t suck in the shampooed water.

·       Location of the crib:

The location of the crib matters a lot in case your baby is super-active throughout the day. The reason is that any wall hanging, frame or wall decorative piece may cause injury. Your baby would try to reach them and may fall off the crib.

The best tip is to avoid any such thing from the start. You may only use stuff toys so that you can let him play with it. Stuff toys won’t cause any such trouble and can be a good way to decorate empty walls too.

·       Sharp miscellaneous stuff:

You have to keep your eyes open all the time and not let anything sharp come near your baby. This includes all the scissors, either kitchen or paper, every knife even the pocket one too. The more attention you pay, the lesser would be the damage.

·       Clean your car:

How is it possible to discuss the top 30 baby proofing tips and not mention car safety? Just like our homes, our cars also have a plethora of miscellaneous stuff. To make it easy, rather than cleaning the whole car, your focus should be on the back seat first. These tiny steps can make your baby safer and happier than ever.

We would suggest you go for things like coins, papers, pens or tissues in the back seat and restrict their entry again. After each family visit, you may want to recheck the car. When you make this a habit, it won’t take more than 5 minutes each day.

·       Bathtub:

Bathtubs are more of a fun place for the toddlers. However, your attention means a lot during this specific phase. The prime aspect is to conceal all the faucets with comfy cotton covers to protect sensitive heads.

The crucial thing is that you may never leave your baby alone in the tub. It can have horrific consequences.

·       Furniture straps:

There comes a certain age when your child gets curious about the surrounding heavy furniture. Especially when you aren’t there, the baby will try to come up with not so good of an idea and this is something you can’t afford.

The furniture straps are your shield against this. These straps may look tiny but they perform an underrated function. They keep your furniture attached to the wall so your baby can mess with the furniture with no worries.

You can use them for your bookshelf, TV or the wardrobe. They are quite durable and can retain a great deal of pressure.

·       Toilet precautions:

First of all, you may never allow your child to visit the toilet on his own. This is important as if he touches any unhygienic surface, it brings him closer to the exposure of many diseases.

Then you want to make sure that the tap is out of his reach otherwise your house gets flooded in no time. All the toiletries like shampoo, body wash or soap should be away from the baby’s grasp otherwise they go straight into his mouth.

You may make a toilet purchase that is the seat lock. Just place it on the toilet seat and your child can’t touch the toilet surface unless you open the lock.

·       Baby gates:

The baby gate is such a blessing that we have fallen immensely in love with it. The baby gate keeps your babies away from the rooms you don’t want them to enter. This is how you will keep your PC safe from the little hands.

You can also place a gate at the end of the stairs to keep the falling incidents at bay.

·       Curtain cords:

Those fancy curtain cords that have big symmetrical ends look stunning undoubtedly. But unfortunately, your baby may find them tasty for some reason. In the USA, there have been unlimited incidents where babies swallowed the curtain cord’s ends and choked.

We have got two tips for you, one is to completely cut off the ends. This is more convenient but the final look seems nasty. That is why you can replace the ends with the fabric tassels.

·       Changing table precautions:

You may find it surprising but babies learn to roll over real fast. That is why you may never leave the baby alone on the changing table. It may roll over and fall. Using the safety straps provided with the changing table is a real relief.

Also, the changing table covers needs replacement at least twice a week.

As a final say, all these tips can help you in overcoming your fears and sums up the parental role in one guide.