Best Portable Baby Gates

Babyproofing the house is the first step to providing safety for your toddler as a parent, however, your job doesn’t stop there. Many other aspects of life may be stressful for you if your baby was there. Traveling with your baby is one such issue and providing safety for them on your travels is a huge ask. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on that aspect as we explore the niche market of portable baby gates. Your average indoor baby gates are not designed to go with you when you are traveling so you need portable baby gates to fulfil this need.

The portable baby gates are a handy tool to have as they fold up to become a portion of their size. When traveling they can be folded up in their pouch and become a part of your luggage

Having some negative features when compared to the average baby gates, these portable baby gates nevertheless prove to be a godsend when staying in a hotel or a friend’s house with your toddler. The portable gates do not have a walk-through feature and are not as tall as the average ones. These features had to be compromised upon as the portability was the main feature here.

There are a couple of products available in this market and unlike other baby-proofing items, you do not need to check or measure anything for fitting your specifications as these gates are portable so they will be in the standard sizes.

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North State Portable Travel Gate

This gate is perfect for average-sized doorways and has a width range that expands from 25.2 to 42.6 inches. The wide range of expansion allows this portable gate to be versatile and more accessible. Mesh fabric is woven between two vertical and two horizontal metal bars going to a height of almost 28 inches. The simple structure, however, does not translate into simple usage as it requires more than one pair of hands to set it up. Another negative feedback about this product was that the fabric bunches up when the narrow setting is used; meaning it must be used at a wider setting for the fabric to be taut and the structure to be more rigid. The steel bars at either side prove to be flexible while also giving the gate its durability that is required during traveling.

It weighs in at four pounds and is travel-friendly. The stylish finish is also a plus as it can fit into any surroundings that you find yourself in when traveling. To install it you must click the metal bars into position and use the tension knob to fit in perfectly. It uses the pressure mount method to be fixed to a wall. The gate also comes with a quick-release latch that would release the fabric if you would have to pass through. Of course, it’s not like a walk-through gate, but it does try to cater to that aspect and fits this feature well in its structure.

With a decent rating on Amazon and a very reasonable price, this gate gets to be our number one pick in this section. Customers seem to be satisfied with this product and with the service that North State provides. The travel bag is also included in this price point which is a huge plus as you would need the bag to travel more efficiently. With shipping available on Amazon, you can test this product from anywhere around the world.

Safety First wide doorways Fabric gate

This gate is a must-have when you are traveling to keep your child in a restricted area. Children are usually restless when they are playing, this restlessness coupled with their curiosity can be a danger to their health. To curb your worries, you should buy this portable gate. This gate is one of the best gates available on the market. Having said that the portability factor may compromise the gate’s abilities against a pet, however, it will certainly keep your baby at bay.

It is a different gate when compared to other portable gates as it can be stretched. Yes, stretching up to a width of 60 inches. It can be stretched from 32 to 60 inches. Covering this huge range of widths makes it a very versatile gate. It also boasts a substantial height of 27 inches which is adequate for a portable gate.

You do not need a huge place to store it as you can just wrap it up and move along. When you are wrapping it up you can put it in its drawstring travel bag that comes included in the box. This bag is machine washable so there’s that added convenience.

This gate is pressure mounted and is ideal for open spaces, wide doorways, hallways, and rooms. Pressure mounting means it is easier and quicker to put up thus adding to the portability factor.

The only issue is that it can’t be found in many stores and thus you would have to go online to buy it. Keeping that in mind, it has a good amount of ratings that show that customers are satisfied with this product. It is a bit expensive than the first gate and so the price justifies its second place in our list.

Evenflo soft and wide portable gate

This gate can go from 38 to 60 inches, so it’s as wide as our number two but the lower limit is greater than safety first’s and so it earns the number three spot. It is almost as high as number two coming in at 27 inches tall. Made from cloth and steel this gate is claimed to fit a custom set of specifications. It can even fit in old houses that have square walls. It comes completely assembled from the box so that you can use it immediately. This factor helps in the portability of the structure.

If you have a medium-sized pet, then this gate is not for you. If you plan to take the pet on your travels as well then, this gate may present an issue as the gate can easily be taken down by their force as the second gate. However, it works perfectly when its just your baby that is confined by this gate as it can withstand those bumps. Just be careful when using this with pets in your vicinity.

It has a neutral color that blends into any environment you use it in. The fabric of the gate is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about staining it.

The non-marring rubber bumpers included in the pressure mounting system allow it to be mounted anywhere without leaving any evidence behind. This comes in handy when traveling as you will be using it on other property, and it is important to not damage their place.

This weighs in at 7 pounds and thus is very portable. Due to it being heavier than our first pick it stands in at number three. It has an overwhelming number of reviews on Amazon that forced this product to be picked at number three. It has a slightly higher price point than number two but still gives you the quality that’s comparable to the price. This gate is also available for shipping across the world through Amazon. This gate too has a bag included in the box for traveling.

Some retractable gates like the Dream baby retractable gate could have been included in this list but due to the price point and the lack of focus on portability (compared to the list) made those products redundant.

This is an important investment as you are sure to travel in the two to three years that your toddler is growing up. This tool ensures their safety outside your house and also gives you the peace of mind that you require to enjoy your travels.

As your toddler becomes older and more adventurous, they would like to explore other places. These gates are meant to protect them and diminish your worries towards their protection. We know it is stressful being a new parent, however, having researched everything and being prepared for the next few years in your life usually does help. Going through such articles will prove worthwhile in the coming weeks if you are about to be a new parent.