There are many reasons to get a baby gate. If you have an infant or a pet, then it is better to baby-proof the house. This simple activity of baby proofing the house may make it more secure for the baby/pet to live in. “Baby gates” are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about babyproofing. Baby gates are gates designed to stop your toddler from going into rooms and places that are dangerous for them. Experienced parents will know that they are an important tool in maintaining the safety of their babies. Sectioning off places like the staircase, the kitchen, and your workplace with baby gates is a common checkpoint in someone’s baby proofing list. Babies usually start to crawl when they are around 6-8 months and thus this should be the time when you should start to babyproof the house.

There are many options to consider when you are choosing a baby gate, however, the first thing that should be on your mind is the height. If your toddler has a habit of climbing or if your pet dog is a jumper, then it may be better to go for ‘tall baby gates.’ The standard baby gate is around twenty-two to thirty inches tall, but the tall gates are around thirty-six inches high. It’s not just the height that needs to be considered but the width of the gateway that the gate fits in. As the gate gets taller usually it gets wider as well.

If you’re in this niche market of tall baby gates, then this guide covers the basics of purchasing a bay gate and tells you about the different products available.

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Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall gate

You would need two sets of gates if you live in a multiple story home; one for your stairs and the other for your normal doorways. This gate, however, has you covered on both aspects as it has pressure mounts for doorways and an option for hardware mounts (so that you can install them on the top of your staircase). It gets the first spot in our rankings as it is one of a kind metal gate that is multi-purpose. Its sleek design coupled with a bronze finish as a great addition in any interior. Fitting into place along with the furniture effortlessly gets this gate the number one spot in our ratings. It is around thirty-six inches tall, so you know it fits that extra tall category.

Another aspect that makes it stand out is that it has the capability to fit in a range of width. It can fit between 28 to 48 inches of width. This aspect can make you forget about your worries about whether it will fit your doorway/staircase or not. It has a dual locking system for increased safety which is coupled with a walk-through door. The walkthrough is auto close so that you don’t have to remember to close it as you pass through it. A removable door stopper is part of the set up that stops it from opening on to the stairs in case you decide to install this gate on the top of your stairs. This function can be removed when used between doors. This way the door can swing open on both sides. It can be easily operated with just one hand which is just an added benefit of this gate.

This unique set up has perfected the pressure mount so that it doesn’t leave any marks when you decide to remove it after a year or two. It has lots of good reviews on Amazon and an unbeatable price which tells you a lot about the dedication of the company to its customers.

It is a very sturdy gate that is long-lasting. It shows no signs of wearing out even after being banged and bumped constantly. The only fault we could find in the set up was that it does not come with a set of wall protectors for the hardware-mount. When you mount it on the walls and not use the pressure mounting mechanism it may leave a few marks. The pressure mount will leave no marks, but the hardware mount is bound to leave some marks.

Dreambaby Chelsea extra tall auto close security gate

This gate must be a runner up to the Summer Infant gate due to a couple of reasons. It is one of the tallest gates in the market reaching a height of almost 40.5 inches. It also has a one-hand operating mechanism and a door that swings both ways. The main feature that it offers like the ‘summer infant’ gate is that it is a pressure-mounted gate but could be attached to your doorframes through some additional hardware. The spacing between the bars is also very narrow (2.5 inches) which means that it can keep very small pets contained as well.

The one factor that makes this an inferior to our number one is the fact that it can only fit between an opening of 28 to 32 inches. It will not fit between an opening that is wider or smaller than this range. The company does, however, provide extension which, of course, must be purchased separately. The extensions can make the gate span up to 111 inches making it the tallest gate in the niche market of tall baby gates.

Installation is easy and operating it is even easier. Its dual locking system is bound to keep your curious toddler at bay. As mentioned earlier, the one-hand usage is handy when you are carrying out your other chores in the house.
It has one feature that cannot be found in the first gate which is the smart stay-open feature. With this feature, it can be made to stay open whenever you want it to. At other times it will close automatically so that even if you forget to close it behind you, your baby’s protection is not compromised. It does not have a lock open feature which may possibly be the only negative aspect of the gate.
One thing that sets the marketing for this product apart from the others is that they claim this gate is going to keep your pets at bay too. Its sturdy structure can withstand blows from your excited pets and its height is going to withstand their lunges.

It is cheaper compared to the first product however Amazon does not provide shipping outside the USA. The price difference is very small with very slight differences in the features as well. The company claims that they provide ‘all of the safety with none of the stress’ which has been personified by this product. Like the pressure mounted mechanism of the ‘summer Infant,’ this too does not require drills and other tools that are possibly going to leave holes/marks in your frames and walls. The consumers for this gate have also reported that they are happy with it and would recommend it to other parents.

Regalo extra tall widespan gate

Regalo is a pioneer of the baby gate market and thus needed to have a place in our rankings. Their extra tall widespan gate is 38 inches tall and can expand up to 52 inches wide which is one of the largest sizes in the market. The company gives you the extensions along with the initial purchase which can make it go up to 52 inches.

This model is pressure mounted and does not have the option of converting to a hardware mounted baby gate. This can be taken as a negative aspect as it becomes almost unusable for the staircase because of the fear of toppling over. It comes with four pressure mounts that are individually adjusted to give you a more secure fit. Being a pressure-mounted gate it can be used on doorways or on the bottom of your staircase where there is no fear of your toddler falling over the stairs.

The one-hand operating system still holds in this item as well along with a convenient walkthrough design. Its structure is a hundred percent steel thus providing a firm and sturdy structure that can withstand a great amount of force. The structure is accompanied by a beautiful white finish that will fit beautifully in a house with a modern interior and a contemporary finish.
It is easy to remove because of the pressure mount but also because it is so lightweight. The weight also helps in storing it and taking it down at times. Its lightweight design, however, does not compromise on strength as Regalo has perfected its design. It comes at a very cheap rate, in-fact it is cheaper than the initial two gates. Its ranking is compromised by the fact that you would have to spend more on a hardware-mounted gate for your staircase. If you live in an apartment or a single-story house, then you would not need to spend on a hardware-mounted gate making this the perfect item for your needs.

It has a lower rating than our previous products, but the reviews are still encouraging. The price point justifies the features making this model the perfect third place in our rankings. Regalo is the best budget buy on this list and its only complaint was that its lock was not as easy to use as it was advertised.

Munchkin easy close metal baby gate

This gate is not as tall as the previous gates but still holds a substantial height to be part of our ratings. It can fit between 29.5 inches to 35 inches in width and is almost 30 inches high. The company provides one extension of 2.75 inches in the box allowing the customer to make the gate taller. If you want to make it taller then you have to purchase additional extensions separately. It has a U-shaped white frame made from steel which is quite durable and sturdy. It can withstand bumps and blows from your toddler without toppling over. The clean white frame is also a perfect fit for modern interiors that match its white frame in color. It can be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.

This gate is also pressure mounted, and like the other gates, it has an option to convert into a hardware-mounted gate. This unique mechanism allows it to be perfect for doors as well as staircases. For convenience, it swings in both directions making it versatile. The swinging mechanism and the pressure mount help this get to be portable making it easy to move from door to door depending on where your toddler is. This reduces the number of gates you must buy for the whole house as you can move this single gate depending on your movement in the house. The hassle of installing, however, would still be there. This adjustable feature (portability) and the one-year warranty is what sets it apart from the previous three gates.

The double locking system is easy to understand and use for an adult but not for a child thus upholding the safety factor. An optional third lock can also be used to stop the door from swinging in both directions. It also has a gravity-fed hinge ramp which shuts it firmly ensuring the safety of your little one. The self-shutting mechanism is available in the other gates as well. The smart stay-open feature is not available in this which gives it a lower rating than the “Dreambaby Chelsea” gate.

This is available for shipping all over the world via Amazon which gives at an edge over Dreambaby Chelsea. It also stands at a cheaper rate than the first two gates discussed earlier, however, that is reflected in its lower height and fewer features. The user reviews are also positive allowing you to make up your mind on whether this will be a good fit for your home or not. The only complaint about this was that the manual and the instructions were not as clear as they could be forcing users to take more time in the installation stage.

Specifications and Different Types of Gates

When you are purchasing a baby gate it’s not as easy as buying a new outfit. You need to consider several things and then select the type of gate that fits your specifications. The first factor, as discussed above, is, of course, the height. It is better to buy a taller one in case your baby figures out an intuitive way to climb it. Many other factors accompany the height factor.

The width also needs to be considered. It is better to measure the door that the gate is going to fit in or the width of your staircase. Another factor to consider is the swing of the gate and whether it swings both ways or just one way. The lock option also needs to be considered along with all these factors. The locks have different configurations like some close automatically while some have a lock-open option.

The general appeal of the gate also needs to be considered and whether it fits your house’s interior design or not. It is easy to find many designs when shopping for gates, but it is very difficult to find the perfect design for your own house.

The different types of baby gates come into consideration when you look at the kind of material you want (plastic, wooden or metal), and what kind of surface do you want to put the gate on.

Wall-mounted gates are a perfect fit for an uneven surface while pressure-mounted gates are usually a good pick for placing it in doorways. The latter is also easy to remove thus causing less hassle when you decide to shift back to a life without the gates.

Hardware Mounted Gates

Hardware mounted or wall-mounted gates are installed securely into the framing behind walls or in front of doors. A bracket is installed which ensures that the gate is secure and has no risk of falling over. This stability is not achieved when the process is conducted directly on a wall or on plaster as it has the risk of falling over. It is better to conduct the process on a frame as you would want the most secure option for your baby. This type is better for stairs as it has less risk of toppling over if installed in the correct manner.

Pressure Mounted Gates

To understand why this type of gate is perfect for flat and even surfaces we need to look at its working mechanism. It has rubber pieces on both of its sides and using its expandable spring system it is locked into place between two walls. The rubber pieces help in keeping the gate locked in place by maintaining the pressure. The pressure is created to hold it on place thus the name ‘pressure-mounted’ gates. It is not recommended for stairs because of its mechanism. Any uneven surface can cause the rubber pieces between the walls to lose traction and topple over. to maintain the pressure between the gate the rubber must be in contact with an even surface which is why this type of gate is a perfect fit for even surface is like a doorway.

Whichever product you choose make sure to check it for certification of safety by the manufacturer’s association of your region. Such certificates prove that these gates have passed through some safety tests which make them better than uncertified products.

Range of Tall Baby Gates

Now that you know about your needs you are ready to explore the world of baby gates. We have got you covered on that part as well. The rest of this article explores the different products available on the market for the two types of gates discussed earlier.