Baby Gate with Pet Door

Being a parent is stressful but what’s more stressful is being a new parent! Babyproofing your house, taking care of your job and your baby all become stressful at one point. Well, you could reduce that stress by researching and preparing for life with your baby. You could research various aspects of parenthood like the one we’ll cover today which is about the safety of your child in your house.

If you have a pet and are expecting a child or have a toddler who’s worrying you with his/her curious crawling, then this article is the perfect read for you. It’s even more worrying when you have a pet that will be living along with your baby. To tackle the issue of the safety of toddlers in your houses with pets, there exists a market for baby gates with pet doors. Considering this market has a lot of varieties of baby gates, you would need all the information you can get before attempting to purchase the item. Thankfully we’ve got you covered on that aspect as our list of some of the best-sellers (with the most utility) is bound to help you in your baby proofing needs.

There are a lot of places where the baby gate can be placed in for the safety of your child and your pet. The staircase, wide entryways and doorways are just some of the places the baby gate can prove to be convenient.

The normal baby gates can cause a lot of frustration in your pet as it may be an obstacle for them. To cross it they may lunge or use force to go through causing damage to the walls. To tackle this issue the pet door was placed in a baby gate. Carlson came up with the idea of this baby gate with a pet door and has since patented the idea. Due to the patent, they are the only company in the market to make these products in the USA. The quality and price of the products are adequate to please the customers and keep Carlson going.

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Measuring your needs

Considering this is a very specific type of product you need to have a large pet and a smaller pet otherwise the utility of this product would be rendered useless. You need to measure your toddler, the size of your smaller pet and the larger pet before you attempt to purchase the product. The size of the doorways/staircase/entryway also needs to be measured before the purchase. If it doesn’t fit in the doorway then the purchase will be useless as well. Put a tape measure across a wall and measure your pets and your kid along it to get the most accurate measurements that you can.

You should also consider whether your situation is temporary or permanent. The pressure mounted gates can be taken off easily and thus if you want your baby gates to be in place for just a couple of months then it is better to go for the pressure mounted type. The hardware mounted gate uses drills to make screw holes in walls so that the gate is held in place. This gives it sort of a permanent feeling as they do not get taken down very easily and need some unscrewing and dismantling to take them down. If you have a more permanent situation that would involve keeping the gate around for a couple of years, then it is better to go for hardware-mounted gates.

The Baby Gate comparison

Due to the patent, we can only compare the different Carlson gates available in the market. The comparison is based on the quality you get with the price, the customer satisfaction and the structure of the model.

Carlson Extra Tall walk-through gate

This is by far the most superior baby gate in terms of having the pet gate. The extra-tall variety stands at 36 inches and can be considered in the market of tall baby gates as well. The extra-tall variety also comes with a 6-inch extension that can expand its width from 29 inches to 36.5 inches. The extra expansions can be bought separately as they are also offered for purchase by Carlson. The extra expansions make this product a flexible one as it can then fit in many wider places.

The tall gate is perfect for larger pets and toddlers who are more curious. The pet gate is wide enough for your pet cat or a small dog to pass through while keeping the baby and any larger pet at bay.

The extra tall gate has another version called the extra-wide gate that is 10 inches shorter but is much wiser causing it to be very versatile and giving a bump to your options in this market.

The pet door in both is around 10×7 inches making it a perfect size for cats and smaller dogs. The pet door is manufactured with a spring-loaded lock that latches it shut to the larger door if you would want to restrict your smaller pet to the parts of your house as well.

This gate is pressure mounted so it has the portability factor down. This gate, however, may fail at the hands of a larger pet who may use brute force to cross it. This pressure-mounted mechanism can be made stronger if you are willing to buy an extra wall protector that can slide in between your wall and your gate. The protector will protect your wall from any damage, while also strengthening the pressure mounted structure; making it more resistant to the force of your larger pet.

Its steel design and a white modern finish make it easier to blend in any modern interior. The steel structure gives it added security. It has also been tested for safety. With over 2800 ratings on Amazon and with a fair price-point it is safe to assume that this gate is a customer favorite.

Carlson Maxi Walkthrough Pet Gate

Number two on our list is the maxi walkthrough which comes in at a cheaper price point than the first one. This gate is hardware mounted so it is a cheaper solution to your permanent needs. This gate can stretch up to 59 inches without the extension! If you are not willing to spend the extra money on the extension for the previous gate than this is a perfect budget buy for you.

The negatives of this gate are also coming from its size standpoint. The gate can fit a minimum of 50 inches which is negative as you can only purchase this gate if you need it for the wider openings in your house. Removing one panel may cause it to fit a width range of 34-39 inches. The height may also be an issue as it is only 31 inches high and cannot be categorized as a tall baby gate. The height may cause the larger dogs to lunge across the gate if they are curious jumpers. This door is less versatile than the first one due to these size constraints.

Its patented small door is the same size as our number one. The 10×7 inches pet door allows smaller pets to pass through while keeping everyone at bay. The door also comes with a built-in lock in case you want to keep all the pets at bay.

Another added stress is the hardware mount which needs to be installed beforehand. Compared to the pressure mounted gate, which needs almost no time to install, the hardware gate will require drilling screw holes and screwing the structure into a door jamb.

This baby gate can also be used outdoors as it has the added feature of a pet gate and a hardware-mounted structure. The gate, however, will be prone to the weather and can accumulate rust in the joints causing you to replace it frequently. The company, Carlson, also offers weatherproof gates which can be bought but if you want to re-use this gate at multiple locations in your house then you should go for this.

Carlson studio home walk through baby gate with cat door

This gate was added to the list as it was a bit different than the other products Carlson offers. The other products are somewhat like the first two in our top three but this one is a fancy gate. This gate is charcoal bronze in color, unlike the white models that it followed. It also has a cherry wood accent at the top. Its walkthrough door is also fancier than most gates with pet doors as it has an auto-close feature. This makes you not worry about whether you are closing the door behind you or not as it closes itself when you cross no matter the direction.

This gate fits in perfectly with vintage home décor and is perfect for the customers looking to place gates that are not conflicting with their décor. The smooth functionality and fancy finish make it pricier than many other baby gates in the market. However, the target market for this is also different and thus the price point is justified.

It is a pressure-mounted gate is also easy to move thus has the portable functionality. It can fit up to 37.5 inches wide landing it in a decent size bracket. The small pet door of the standard 10×7 inch size also fits the metals structure. The fancy structure is supported by rigidity as well as the entire frame is made from steel. Its fanciness should not be mistaken for it is weak, it is a very sturdy model able to withstand blows and bumps from your toddler as well as your pet.

The gate folds flat for easy storage which may not be the cases in some of the other gates you are sure to encounter.

The price point and the 1200 ratings on Amazon justify its third position in our list making it a unique but successful pet and baby safety product.


The medium-sized pet is not taken into consideration for this article as some may be able to use the door others might not. Therefore, it is essential to measure your needs first and then go to buy the gates.

It must also be noted that these are advised as pet gates and not baby gates. Even after that many consumers have found great success in using it for toddlers. They are effective mechanisms for keeping the baby away from larger pets due to their safety.

The pet door size may also be worrying if your child may attempt to crawl through. The risk of getting stuck is always there and thus if you think your curious toddler will attempt to do that, then it is better to steer clear of such gates.

Having said that, these gates are quite successful with many parents who have pets and you may find that these gates are effective for you as well. You are also advised to check the size and compare them with your measurements or if you can test them before buying them then that would be a better option.

We know it is stressful being a new parent however having researched everything and being prepared for the next few years in your life usually does help. Going through such articles will prove worthwhile in the coming weeks if you are about to be a new parent.