There are many reasons to get a baby gate. If you have an infant or a pet, then it is better to baby-proof the house. This simple activity of baby proofing the house may make it more secure for the baby/pet to live in. “Baby gates” are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about babyproofing. Baby gates are gates designed to stop your toddler from going into rooms and places that are dangerous for them. Experienced parents will know that they are an important tool in maintaining the safety of their babies.

The overwhelming number of products available on the market makes your decision to buy the gate a difficult one. This is where our guide comes in as we have the rundown of the most popular baby gates available in the market today. The comparisons below are based on the quality you get with the price, the customer satisfaction and the structure of the model. The rubric has been drawn out after a lot of research so that you get the most accurate information.

Measuring Your Area

Measure the openings that you want to buy the baby gates for. The opening needs to fit the width range of the baby gates. Some gates come with extensions to extend the width it covers, and some don’t. It is better to measure the width before buying it rather than getting it changed later.

The height needs to be considered as well otherwise your baby may easily climb over it. Most baby gates are above 25 inches making it impossible to climb over, however, if you have a pet that you would also like to stop from crossing over then you may consider buying a ‘tall baby gate.’ The height of your child will affect your purchase in this department. A rule of thumb, when purchasing baby gates, is that the gate should be at least three-quarters of the baby’s height.

The general appeal of the gate also needs to be considered and whether it fits your house’s interior design or not. It is easy to find many designs when shopping for gates, but it is very difficult to find the perfect design for your own house.

The different types of baby gates come into consideration when you look at the kind of material you want (plastic, wooden or metal), and what kind of surface do you want to put the gate on.

Wall-mounted gates are a perfect fit for an uneven surface while pressure-mounted gates are usually a good pick for placing it in doorways. The latter is also easy to remove thus causing less hassle when you decide to shift back to a life without the gates. Hardware mounted gates take more time to set up as they are screwed on to the walls with drills while the pressure mounted gates fit into the openings with their rubber mountings that create pressure.

Best Baby Gates on the Market

Now that you know about your needs you are ready to explore the world of baby gates. We have got you covered on that part as well. The rest of this article explores the different products available on the market for the two types of gates discussed earlier.

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Best Value

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North States Supergate

This is the most basic baby gate and at an awesome price, this beats all other baby gates for the spot at our number one. This gate is pressure mounted so you know it is easy to install as soon as you take it out of the box. It’s so simple to install that you wouldn’t guess your setup even for a second.

The structure is made from durable steel that can withstand the blows of your baby as well as the climbing attempts of your pet. The gate is available in two colors to compliment its structure. The white is for the modern interiors while the bronze fits perfectly in the vintage households. The gate swings both ways and can be made to stay open at a right angle with the use of its stopper function. The gate lock is made to be used with one hand as you would be busy doing chores in the household. The one-hand operation doesn’t come in the way of your chores. The walk-through door is also wide enough so that you don’t have to hop your way across the gate. The gate can also swing both ways of making your life easier. This convenient feature was made keeping in mind your frequent movement in the house. The only negative aspect of this feature is that it doesn’t have an auto-close feature so you need to remember to close it behind you which can be a nuisance at time.

The gate is 29 inches high and has a width range of 28 to 38.5 inches. The range makes this gate versatile as it would be able to fit into a variety of openings in your household. It comes with two extension pieces to make this possible. Many companies sell their extensions separately, but this company covers that for you. The 29-inch gate makes it easier for taller parents to hop over the gate without opening the gate. This will be more convenient if you are a busy parent.

The product weighs in at 15 pounds making it easy to store when you are done with it. The weight and the pressure mount make it quite portable as well. With shipping available all over the world this accessible by many new parents. It is very highly rated on Amazon with over 2000 ratings; it has accumulated a lot of praise by its customers who are satisfied with the quality they get for the price they are paying.

Summer Infant Walk-thru gate

This walk-through gate is extra tall to deter the early climbers and hold back your larger pets. It has a width range of 28.5 to 45 inch making it a very versatile gate. The extra width can be used at multiple opening in your household which adds to the convenience factor of this product. The 38-inch height has an added benefit, it is taller than normal gates, so you don’t have to bend a lot when you are opening the lock to go through the door.

The door is a pressure mount type adding to portability and ease of installation. The portable mount also leaves no scratches and marks on your wall making it ideal for short term use. The tension bolts in the pressure mount can take a lot of force from your toddler as well as your pets. The structure also allows for an auto close where you don’t need to close the door behind you as it will close itself. This is an added convenience for you. This too has a one-handed operation meaning you need only one hand to operate the lock. This operation allows you to do your chores without impeding your movement across the house. The dual direction swing makes this gate an even more appealing product as it can be placed between rooms. The dual slide allows the door to swing both ways for your convenience. This way you can place it between rooms and not worry about which side to open when you want to go through the gate.

The additional feature in this gate is that it also contains hardware mounts. The hardware mounts require drilling and screwing the gate to the walls/railings. This additional feature allows you to place the gate on the top or the bottom of your stairs. The top and the bottom of the stairs are extra dangerous as your baby may fall over or climb the stairs. The hardware mount provides extra protection as it would not topple over as easily as a pressure mount. The added stopper will also help in the hardware mount as it will stop the gate from opening onto the stairs.

The choice between two colors allows you to pick which one is better suited for your interior. The beige fits in beautifully with a modern interior while the bronze is perfect for vintage households. The gate has a sleek metal finish that also compliments the interior of any house.

This multifunctional gate has almost similar features as the North States gate but has a higher price. The higher price is justified by the extra height that the company gives you the protection of your toddler. With over 8000 ratings on Amazon, this is certainly a customer favorite earning it a spot on our baby gate guide. It is a bit heavier than the first gate but that is mainly due to the extra height provided by this gate.

Summer Infant Decorative Gate

This gate is very useful for wider openings and there are not many pressures mounted gates in the wider category. The wider gates usually require a hardware mount to give the structure more strength but this one is one of the few that uses a pressure mount. That is not a negative aspect but a positive feature as the pressure mount is easier to set up and use. Using the pressure mount does not mean that the structure will easily topple over it’s the exact opposite as it proves to be a pretty sturdy gate able to withstand a huge amount of force.
The gate goes from 36 inches to 60 inches, which makes for a very versatile product. It still boasts a superior height of 32 inches which is a lot compared to the wide structure that needs to be supported by the pressure mount.

This gate is made from both wood and metal. The gate is made from wood while the extensions utilize steel in their structure. This combination of materials gives an elite oak and metal finish as the result is a beautiful gate that fits into any interior, be it modern or vintage.

This gate ends up being on the pricier side but is supported by more than 2000 ratings on Amazon that justify its price with their satisfaction. The 22-pound weight allows it to be relatively portable, however, the size may be an issue. The price and portability are factors that have landed this gate the third place and not the first place in our list.

Cardinal Gates for stairways and outdoors

baby gatesThis gate fits all your outdoor needs with its functionality and beautiful design. It is built to be placed on decks and patios. Its steel structure and aluminum finish are protected with a powder coat to make it weatherproof. The aluminum used in the process is lightweight to give it its sturdy qualities without all the burden. The gate is available in three colors: brown, white, and black. The rustproof finish helps it blend in with the outdoor décor and gives your lawn a pleasing look. The rustproof material may wear off after some time and thus the gate may begin to rust. It is advisable to use a spray-on rust protector so that the gate has added protection from the elements.

It spans a height of 29.5 inches and covers a width ranging from 27 to 42.5 inches. The range of width makes it a versatile gate as it can fit into lots of places around the house. The height also plays a significant role in the functionality as it is tall enough to keep lunging pets and climbing toddlers at bay. The vertical bars are also spaced in such a way that the baby cannot slip through them. Cardinal also offers extensions that are purchased separately that could make this product even more versatile allowing the gate to fit in even more array of widths.

The gate can be placed at the top of a set of stairs or the bottom as the direction of swinging can be decided by the customer by using a stopper. The gate is also designed to be permanently mounted so don’t think short term when making this buy. The permanent mounting will allow the gate to be sturdier and withstand blows from your pets. However, if you need to remove the gate it can easily be detached from the permanent railings that are attached to the sides. The gate can then be placed back onto the permanent railings.

An interesting feature that plays a role in the functionality is that it can be installed at a 30-degree angle if the railings are not aligned. If there was a construction flaw in the railings which means that they are not exactly parallel to each other then this gate makes an adjustment for that error and can be attached at any angle from 0-30-degrees.

The gate does not have an auto-close like many indoor gates, so you need to close it after you leave the area. The latch is claimed to be a single hand useable latch; however, the user reviews suggest that you need both hands to operate it. This is a minor flaw in the structure of this gate which can be ignored if all the other features are looked at.

With a good rating on Amazon and a price point that matches the indoor gate price points this product gains the fourth place in our list making it the best outdoor gate available in the market and if this was an outdoor baby gate list this would get our first place

Perma Retractable Gate

A retractable gate provides a softer cushion to your toddler and like the name it retracts back into a cylindrical shape to be stored away. Usually, these retractable gates are not that high but this one goes up to 41 inches which is why its on the list. The convenience factor along with the height makes it a good match with the pressure mounted gates on this list. This claim is furthered by the fact that they offer a one-year warranty giving you some assurance of the product you will be buying.

The width is around 71 inches making it the longest in our list without having to install extensions. This gate along with the other does have the one hand operating mechanism meaning your work/chores will not be impeded by the gate. These features make it one of the best retractable gates available.

The 5th position is justified by the mixed reviews this product has got which say that it is a bit difficult to install and a little to easy for pets and toddlers to go through.

North State Portable Travel Gate

This gate is perfect for average-sized doorways and has a width range that expands from 25.2 to 42.6 inches. The wide range of expansion allows this portable gate to be versatile and more accessible. Mesh fabric is woven between two vertical and two horizontal metal bars going to a height of almost 28 inches. The simple structure, however, does not translate into simple usage as it requires more than one pair of hands to set it up. Another negative feedback about this product was that the fabric bunches up when the narrow setting is used; meaning it must be used at a wider setting for the fabric to be taut and the structure to be more rigid. The steel bars at either side prove to be flexible while also giving the gate its durability that is required during traveling.

It weighs in at four pounds and is travel-friendly. The stylish finish is also a plus as it can fit into any surroundings that you find yourself in when traveling. To install it you must click the metal bars into position and use the tension knob to fit in perfectly. It uses the pressure mount method to be fixed to a wall. The gate also comes with a quick-release latch that would release the fabric if you would have to pass through. Of course, it’s not like a walk-through gate, but it does try to cater to that aspect and fits this feature well in its structure.

With a decent rating on Amazon and a very reasonable price, this gate gets to be our number one pick for portable gates and our 6th pick overall. Customers seem to be satisfied with this product and with the service that North State provides. The travel bag is also included in this price point which is a huge plus as you would need the bag to travel more efficiently. With shipping available on Amazon, you can test this product from anywhere around the world.

Final Words

This list has tried to include the many situations that you will find yourself in when you become a parent. The list has tried to include outdoor gates, retractable goods, and even portable goods. This list has tried to make all aspects of your toddlers’ life as safe as possible.

It is essential to babyproof your house as toddlers tend to be a little more than just curious. With the knowledge given out by our ratings, you are now well equipped to tackle the market efficiently. This top six has covered the entire baby gate market for your ease., and now it is up to you to utilize this information as effectively as possible.

Finally, be smart when you are purchasing the gate as you need to keep your long term and short-term needs in mind. The décor and style of your house also need to be complemented by the design of the gate which can be an important factor for some parents.